Levine Family
Mr. Norman yb"l and Mrs. Jeanette ob"m Levinewere one of the pioneering families of the Hollywood community to brave the commute to Miami Beach to send their children to YTCTE. The Levines joined the Yeshiva in 1988, seeking spiritual and educational excellence for their children. Soon after their children joined the school, Mrs. Levine started serving on numerous committees and served as PTA president for many years. She later joined the staff of the Elementary School as the Girls Office Manager, all the while encouraging other Hollywood families to join YTCTE as well.

Their children, Josh, Marc, Shira and Reena all graduates of YTCTE, along with their spouses, remain actively involved in the Yeshiva. Mr. and Mrs. Josh and Gitty Levine are proud parents of Yael (4th Grade, KES), Elki (2nd Grade, KES), Isaac, Adina and Nachi. With his vantage point as an accomplished alumnus and proud parent, Josh has capably assumed the role of Master of Ceremonies at our annual Gala dinner for the past few years. Mr. and Mrs. Marc and Talia Levine, along with their children Rafi (2nd Grade, KES) and Lea are integral members of the YTCTE family. As the Yeshiva's talented Early Childhood Director, Mrs. Levine has helped the ECE division grow into one of the most respected and sought after preschool programs in South Florida currently educating 225 students. Mr. and Mrs. Ari and Shira Sipper, and their children Myriam (5th Grade, KES), Bari (2nd grade, KES), and Jeremy, are dedicated to the Yeshiva and its growth. Mrs. Sipper has used her extensive skills and talents to help the Yeshiva's Office of Development in many of its fundraising efforts. Dr. and Mrs. Jonah and Reena Zisquit are proud parents of Elliot. They attend and participate in many Yeshiva events and are looking forward to joining our YTCTE parent body next year.

We proudly acknowledge the long standing dedication and commitment of the entire Levine family. May they continue to have much nachas from their family and to see the outstanding reach of their chessed and commitment to Jewish education in South Florida.