Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan and Abby Rubin
Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan and Abby Rubin have been involved in our Yeshiva for many years, in various capacities. The Rubins first became involved with YTCTE when they enrolled their daughter Chaya Leah into Kindergarten in 1988. Subsequently, all four of their children, Chaya Leah, Josh, Zach and Benji graduated from the Yeshiva.

While their children were enrolled, Dr. and Mrs. Rubin, both accomplished professionals, spent their free time involving themselves in the Yeshiva. Dr. Rubin, a well respected radiologist, joined the Board of Directors and Mrs. Rubin, a licensed real estate broker, helped plan many successful programs and events. They consistently made themselves available to the Yeshiva, generously offering their talents and expertise whenever needed.

In 2013, when the Rubin's grandchildren were already attending our Yeshiva, Dr. Rubin saw the need to revamp the Board of Directors. He spent countless hours creating an active and involved Board of Directors for which he served as the President from 2013-2017. His advice and guidance have been instrumental in strengthening the Yeshiva's finances and creating a reliable and accountable system of checks and balances. The Yeshiva has benefited tremendously from his efforts as well as those of the newly structured Board of Directors.

Beyond their dedication to our Yeshiva, the Rubins are involved in numerous community organizations. Dr. Rubin is the President of Agudath Israel of South Florida and the founder of the Vaad HaKashrus of Miami-Dade (KM) and they have graciously hosted countless charitable meetings and events in their home.

The Rubins real pride and joy are their children Rabbi Yehoshua and Chaya Leah Sova, Josh and Dina Rubin, Zach and Shoshana Rubin, and Benji and Rivka Rubin, and their grandchildren, Aryeh, Racheli, Asher, Tovi, Benny, Moti, Rachel, Gitty, Avraham, Ezra, Tova, Bentzion, Yosef and Baby Boy Rubin.

The Rubins commitment, dedication and enthusiasm are contagious and serve as a catalyst for others. We wish Dr. and Mrs. Rubin much nachas from their family and may they continue to see the fruits of their labor through their children, grandchildren and their extensive involvement in Torah and chessed in the community.