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Rabbi and Mrs. Dovid and Miriam Lehrfield are well known as founding members of the North Miami Beach Community and Yeshiva Toras Chaim Toras Emes. The Lehrfields first moved to North Miami Beach in 1985 for Rabbi Lehrfield to assume the position of Rav of the Young Israel of Greater Miami. Mrs. Lehrfield was a beloved Morah in the preschool for many years and considers it her home. The Lehrfields' youngest son Elly was enrolled in Toras Emes and continued through high school.

Their children, Rabbi and Mrs. Moshe and Jennifer Lehrfield moved to North Miami Beach in 1987 and have raised their family here...
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Dr. Deborah Lerer
This year, we are excited to announce the establishment of the Dr. Deborah Lerer Creative Writing Project, to honor the passion and legacy of the educator of generations at our school, Dr. Deborah Lerer. During her tenure as Secular Studies Principal of the Klurman Elementary School for nearly three decades, Dr. Lerer's stamp of excellence was imbued on hundreds of students. The Dr. Deborah Lerer Creative Writing Project will inspire new generations of KES students to enhance and refine the quality of their creative writing abilities, through writing and publishing their finest work.

Join us in paying tribute to the legacy of this outstanding family and incredible educator, while enabling the next generation of young students to reach their fullest potentials!
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