Divrei Zikaron and Words of Inspiration in Memory of Rabbi Dovid Sharfman ZT"L

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A global-wide siyum hashas is currently being organized to be completed by the first yahrtzheit of HaRav Dovid Sharfman ztl. We encourage more than one person to sign up for each daf as the more people that participate, the greater the kavod and the bigger the zechus. To participate in this special opportunity, you can sign up for any daf, perek, or masechta, by, going to siyumzichrondovid.com or inmemoryofrabbisharfman.com.

The Sharfman family is trying to compile all recordings, audio and visual, of Rabbi Sharfman ZT"L. They would truly appreciate it if everyone can send their recordings to rabbisharfmanmemories@gmail.com.

To send photos, messages and memories of Rabbi Sharfman ZT"L to the Sharfman family, please email them to rabbisharfmanmemories@gmail.com.

In conjunction with the Shabbos Shloshim for Rabbi Dovid Sharfman ZT"L, there is an article paying paying tribute to his remarkable life and accomplishments in the latest edition of many Jewish papers. (The article was edited for length in some papers; the full text can be found below.)

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Click here to see the Florida Jewish Home Article

Click here to see the Flatbush Jewish Journal Article

Click here to see the Queens Jewish Link (abridged) Article

Click here to see the Hamodia Article

Click here to see the 5 Towns Jewish Times Article

WATCH: Harbotzas Hatorah Award - Rabbi and Mrs. Dovid and Shifra Sharfman
YTCTE Dinner January 2012

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