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About Dr. Abe Chames High School

Yeshiva Toras Chaim Toras Emes was established in 1984 to provide a classical Yeshiva education for motivated, interested and qualified students.

Our goal is to offer an exciting, intensive program of Torah study together with an outstanding secular college preparatory program. Our job is not merely to impart knowledge, but to instill a love of learning and to develop high moral character in our students. We recognize that today’s world presents many distractions for Yeshiva students and that the expectations of society often differ from the rigorous demands placed upon our students from home and school. By working closely with parents, by providing a warm, supportive and nurturing environment, and with the care and commitment of our faculty, our students strive to overcome these challenges and to serve as role models for others.

In addition, we seek to impress upon our students that in the years ahead, they must assume the mantle of leadership in all areas of Jewish communal, institutional and religious life. We strive to develop their leadership potential so that they will have the tools and the motivation to fulfill these roles.

One sign of the success of our educational program is that our graduates choose to make Torah study a lifelong pursuit. Our Rabbinic Sages have said that whoever does not increase his knowledge actually decreases it. Therefore, we place a great deal of emphasis on developing the skills and abilities a young man will need to be able to study the sources independently.

We are committed to long-term success. We are proud of our school community: our parents, faculty, Rabbeim and students. We believe that with our ongoing vision, creativity and hard work, we will attain even higher levels of excellence.

We offer a stimulating dual curriculum of Judaic and secular studies. We believe that the skills, work habits and commitment needed for achieving excellence and mastery in each are similar and complementary, and we constantly seek ways for the two disciplines to reinforce each other. The ability to organize and present logical thoughts, to research, to study, to analyze and to communicate effectively are necessary in all types of education. We therefore continuously strive to provide each student with an intellectually challenging academic program in both curriculum areas. Although Torah Studies form the primary focus in the Yeshiva, that does not deter us from maintaining the highest standards of excellence in our secular studies department. With this solid foundation, students will have the ability to pursue the path of their choice after graduation.

The growth in our student population has enabled us to introduce many more courses and levels to meet differing student levels and needs. Currently, we offer both honors and regular sections for all secular studies subjects in all grade levels, and in some cases a third or fourth level. In Judaic studies we offer 7 levels of the primary Talmud course, and several levels within each class, allowing for differences in ability, background and motivation. For exceptional 12th grade students, we have an option that enables them to partially integrate into our post- high school Bais Medrash program.

The experiences gained through meeting the challenges of our rigorous dual curriculum enable our students to excel academically, and in their future endeavors. Eight of our top 25 SAT scores from 2007 to 2012 were above 2000, and all 25 were above 1800. From 2008 to 2013, we have had at least one of our 11th graders attain semi-finalist status in the National Merit Competition, with a number becoming finalists. Graduates have been accepted by the finest Yeshivos, colleges and graduate schools. As our dual accreditation indicates, we are dedicated to the loftiest academic standards.

The Hahn Family Residence Hall and the newly opened Helfman Family Residence Hall, are under the full-time supervision of our Drom Mashgiach Rabbi Yosef Deitsch as well as a Dormitory Counselor, and provides a true home away from home for out-of-town students, and some local boys as well.





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