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Ignite the Greatness within Every Student

  • We teach students to recognize and value their inherent GREATNESS and to appreciate the contribution that they make on a daily basis by learning Torah and working on refining their midos.  Our goal is to “Ignite the GREATNESS within Every Student”. 
  • We encourage our students to seek GREATNESS in every area of their lives and are committed to developing the WHOLE child—socially, emotionally and academically.
  • We strive to build a community of LEADERS—guided by Torah Principles and appreciation of the GREATNESS of our Gedolim.
  • By providing each student with multiple LEADERSHIP opportunities, we give them a chance to work collaboratively to enhance the school environment and benefit others, one of the hallmarks of GREAT leaders.

    Our Torah Studies Program
    Through our Torah studies program, our Rebbeim look to ignite a passion for yiddishkeit. They instill within the talmidim middos tovos and a hashkafas hachaim. We build the character of our talmidim through the eyes of Chazal. Our unique curriculum engenders a true love for Torah learning and inspires the GREATNESS in each and every student.

    Our General Studies Program 
    Our General Studies program emphasizes the importance of striving for excellence in all academic pursuits. Students work to attain mastery of critical skills, such as math, communication, science, technology and organization.  Our graduates are not only prepared to face the rigors of high school, but to leave their own indelible mark and to “ignite the GREATNESS” in others that they meet along the way.

For more information, request an application or to schedule a visit to our school contact Mrs. Hadassa Pam 305-947-7779 or click here.

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