Spend and Raise

For every gift card purchased through the Yeshiva, the vendors below donate a percentage back to us.

South Florida Kosher Card
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Kosher Kingdom Card
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Publix Gift Card
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Winn Dixie
Winn Dixie Card
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Starbucks Card
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Kosher Central Card
Walmart Card
Please call SCRIP office to order. Payable by cash or check only
Amazon Card
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E-cards available please call the SCRIP office for more information.
Whole Food Market
Sarah´s Tent
End of Year Gifts for Teachers
All orders must be placed by 12 PM on Wednesday June 7th.
If you would like the SCRIP office to deliver the gift cards directly to your child's teacher, please notate your child's name, teacher's name and message to the teacher in the comments box below.

If you have any questions please call or email Mrs. Ilana Gross at 305-947-6000 ext 245, igross@ytcteam.org.

Best Buy Card
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Clothes ´N Bows
"* can not be used to purchase school uniforms
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Please note: Please treat these cards as cash as they cannot be replaced if lost. We encourage you to come pick up the cards as we cannot be responsible once cards are given to your child or for cards that are lost in the mail.
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Pick up at the YTCTE Financial Office on the Klurman Campus (Miami Gardens Drive)
Pick up at the KES Girl's Office on the South Campus (163rd Street)
(8:30am-4:30pm - Must be submitted by noon for same day pick up.)
Mail them to me
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Send home with my child

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